Possible concept art

Nothing confirmed (as usual), but this article made me go slightly nuts so I’ll post it: Is this what Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars Character looks like? Here be one of the sketches:


It is supposed concept art for supposedly Daisy Ridley’s character and, well, “it shows off a much more practical, rugged costume design that’s more in line with Star Wars’ original trilogy.” I posted this sketch because it also resembles the utilitarian scout outfit and functional pulled-back hairstyle of Jan Ors from the Dark Forces video games:


Which in turn was, I believe, based on Rebel military outfits including Leia’s in RotJ:


One outfit to rule them all. If the concept art is accurate then not only is it another of the visual examples we’ve seen suggestive of the classic trilogy, but it also gives me hope that the sequels will go a long way in accomplishing what many action/science fiction media has failed to (including this year): the deceptively simple task of designing proper, functional outfits for ladies.

Photos from: Star Wars aficionado and the Wikia entry. Rock on.

Episode VII photo tidbits and speculations

Random aerospace dork Matthew Myatt was flying around taking photographs when he caught the Falcon and apparently an X-wing just lying around for no reason. Here is the pic and his discussion on BBC News. Much appreciation, Mr. Myatt!

As a refresher, we knew from earlier videos and various picture leaks that there will be (larger than) life size, physical models and will include at least one X-wing. Hopefully we will find out how many … but I wonder, does Luke own the last one? Did he fix up his old one or buy a new model? Were all the old ones destroyed?!

Meanwhile, J.J. Abrams tweeted a photo of a meaningless note with an IMPORTANT AWESOME SO MUCH DEATH STAR WOW background. I speculate that it’s just fun and we won’t have a Death Star in the Sequel, except maybe in flashbacks, but I’d love for a glimpse. The whole “reflective black metallic star of death atmosphere” is one of the great things about the original trilogy, and with all the large physical models, puppet aliens, and sets, it looks like the crew are doing their best to evoke the classic movies.

Lots of discussion and speculation of the sets, including the presence of a “white-cloaked” and possibly major character hanging around, right over here.

Original trilogy rumor

At this point this is just a RUMOR, but if it turns out to be true then I want to know about it. Comicbook.com says that the classic Star Wars trilogy in its original, pre-special edition form will be released on Blu-Ray by Disney … someday. Hopefully in my lifetime.

Here is another article at Uproxx.com.

Rebels news

Disney XD has posted a seven minute preview of Star Wars: Rebels on YouTube, while “The Machine in the Ghost,” a Rebels short, can be seen here on the official site. Another trailer on the site shows there will be an appearance by Obi-Wan Kenobi. The TV series is due to begin airing on the Disney Channel in October 2014 with a one-hour special followed by regular half-hour episodes.

Luke’s face; and some rumors

Minor news, but important enough for my top super secret source to send it to me with the subject heading “BEARD” in all caps which says it all, really. Luke Skywalker will have facial hair in the sequel trilogy!! He is now a true Jedi Master just like Obi-Wan Kenobi and Qui-Gon Jinn OMG!

Actually there is a good bit of discussion about Episode VII in this BBC interview with Mark Hamill in London, at the UK premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy. He referred to his beard as “contractually-obligated,” but also spoke highly of the talent of the new young actors he was working with, who apparently are the true main characters of the trilogy (with him and the returning actors being supporting roles), and said that the most important thing about the movie, in resembling the original trilogy, is that the characters were relatable. This gives me hope.

As Rob Bricken pointed out on io9, the BBC reporter Lizo Mzimba mentions that Mark Hamill is still in the middle of filming Episode VII (apparently that’s why he’s still in London and not in San Diego for Comic Con), so what we see in the video is pretty much what we will see in the movie. Along with a badass costume, I hope.

Speaking of io9, I don’t plan to deal with rumors very much in my posts here, but if you clicked the io9 link above then you might notice that the article has another link to a rather weird rumor, so I will comment on that. There are details of the rumor that I find unlikely, but then again, I remember hearing strange things in the late 90s about the Prequels that turned out to be true, so don’t click there or continue reading here if you don’t want to be possibly spoiled! Discussion of the rumor follows: Continue reading Luke’s face; and some rumors

New X-wing model teased in connection to Force for Change

Yes! One of my favorite models of starship ever makes an appearance in this new video about Force for Change, the charity campaign for UNICEF. Yes, it looks like a Z-95 that I remember from the old video games (and other parts of the Expanded Universe), but as Variety showed (in a good overview) through a link to an official tweet, it’s an “Episode VII X-wing.” It does look a bit unusual; there is one engine on each side instead of two, and the wings seem to fold differently. Just another example of change being inevitable, but it still has the classic trilogy feel to it, and I hope that Luke still has his old X-wing stashed in the garage somewhere.

Be sure to check the Variety link above as it has further information and other fun goodies, as does the video on YouTube.

More actors for Episode VII

The Official Site has announced the addition of American stage and screen actress Crystal Clarke and British actor and freerunner/traceur Pip Andersen to Episode VII. Commentary on other news articles on this subject expressed worries that the cast was getting too big, but I think it’s likely that actors like these two will only have brief appearances, hopefully showing their talent and athleticism to the fullest (I can easily imagine some battle scene where we might see Andersen parkouring around in the background, for example). In any case I’m happy to see the tradition of mixing fresh young talent with excellent veterans is continuing in Star Wars, as it has since A New Hope!

Anyway, check the official article out for more information on the two newest lucky bastards as well as how filming is going in general.

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