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With principal photography having been finished up in London, the title was announced by Lucasfilm through Twitter and I agree with Screencrush, the best time to do this was just some random day, when I’m at work being busy and I get a breaking news e-mail from the fiancé. The title will here henceforth be known as TFA, or, Texas Faculty Association (you’re welcome — or sorry? — for the two or three strange website hits, Texas).

Here is Screencrush’s report (includes possible plot SPOILERS).

And some more of the usual amusing commentary and news from The Guardian.

Here are some fun rejected titles.

Is the title The Force Awakens as bland as they say? Awesome? Annoying? Not a big deal? My opinion is the same as with the Prequel titles: if the movies end up being bad, surely the titles are the least of our problems? If you didn’t like The Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones movies, would a different title (and no other change) have made a big difference? Like the title or not, my level of optimism about the movie’s content and how much I will enjoy it has not changed, and I still look forward to it.

Also I’m not sure that this implies, as mentioned in the Guardian, that there will be either Jedi or Sith. Force-users most likely, but there can be kinds other than those two (those of us familiar with ex-canon know about “adepts” such as the witches of Dathomir; maybe there are similar types in the sequels. And you might consider Luke an adept before he became a Jedi. And he ended up being quite a different Jedi than the kind we saw in the Prequel trilogy. And so on.).

What I do have much stronger feelings about is my dashed hope that the title will be Jedi Nights, or, JN, a romance. But there are always the later movies!

Warwick Davis

Suvudu is also claiming that Warwick Davis will be in Episode VII. No telling whom he will play, whether it will be multiple characters, or how minor the roles — the latter two of which he has already done in previous Star Wars — but I’m excited! Keep bringing back the veterans!! More info, and some interesting quotes and thoughts on Ewan McGregor’s (young Obi-Wan) and Joel Edgerton’s (young Uncle Owen) roles, past and possible future, in Star Wars right here.

So much concept art

But let Indie Revolver remind us that “this is all “Concept” art. There is no confirmation any of this will actually be in the film and if it is it may not be as pictured.”

Some nice earlier commentary, quotes from Oscar Isaac and Carrie Fisher, Star Wars: Rebels trailers (the show premiered October 13), and other miscellany over at ScreenCrush’s WookieeLeaks. Speaking of spoiling, I enjoyed reading this discussion on the theory and practice of spoilage (plus some spoilers for good measure), that brings up important points for those serious about reading all Star Wars news and rumors.

A few of the loveliest pics after the jump, or click the links if you want to see EVERYTHING.

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Possible concept art

Nothing confirmed (as usual), but this article made me go slightly nuts so I’ll post it: Is this what Daisy Ridley’s Star Wars Character looks like? Here be one of the sketches:


It is supposed concept art for supposedly Daisy Ridley’s character and, well, “it shows off a much more practical, rugged costume design that’s more in line with Star Wars’ original trilogy.” I posted this sketch because it also resembles the utilitarian scout outfit and functional pulled-back hairstyle of Jan Ors from the Dark Forces video games:


Which in turn was, I believe, based on Rebel military outfits including Leia’s in RotJ:


One outfit to rule them all. If the concept art is accurate then not only is it another of the visual examples we’ve seen suggestive of the classic trilogy, but it also gives me hope that the sequels will go a long way in accomplishing what many action/science fiction media has failed to (including this year): the deceptively simple task of designing proper, functional outfits for ladies.

Photos from: Star Wars aficionado and the Wikia entry. Rock on.

Episode VII photo tidbits and speculations

Random aerospace dork Matthew Myatt was flying around taking photographs when he caught the Falcon and apparently an X-wing just lying around for no reason. Here is the pic and his discussion on BBC News. Much appreciation, Mr. Myatt!

As a refresher, we knew from earlier videos and various picture leaks that there will be (larger than) life size, physical models and will include at least one X-wing. Hopefully we will find out how many … but I wonder, does Luke own the last one? Did he fix up his old one or buy a new model? Were all the old ones destroyed?!

Meanwhile, J.J. Abrams tweeted a photo of a meaningless note with an IMPORTANT AWESOME SO MUCH DEATH STAR WOW background. I speculate that it’s just fun and we won’t have a Death Star in the Sequel, except maybe in flashbacks, but I’d love for a glimpse. The whole “reflective black metallic star of death atmosphere” is one of the great things about the original trilogy, and with all the large physical models, puppet aliens, and sets, it looks like the crew are doing their best to evoke the classic movies.

Lots of discussion and speculation of the sets, including the presence of a “white-cloaked” and possibly major character hanging around, right over here.

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