Clone Wars Takes the Emmy!


STAR WARS: THE CLONE WARS took home the Emmy for Outstanding Special Class – Animation at the 40th Anniversary Daytime Emmy Awards on Sunday, June 16, 2013. This is in addition to David Tennant’s win for Outstanding Performer in an Animated Program for his guest appearance as the Jedi droid Huyang in the series’ fifth season. Congratulations to all of the CLONE WARS cast and crew!

PHOTO SOURCE: Emmy Graphic


More STAR WARS at Disney?


Theme Park Insider is reporting that Walt Disney World in Florida is going to get an expansion to their Disney Hollywood Studios: Star Wars Land.

This appears to be a five-year project, putting completion in 2018, though Disney could choose to throw money at it and accelerate it by a year.

There’s more info in the article, including where such an expansion might happen. A STAR WARS-themed area at the Disney parks has been speculated on since the Disney acquisition of Lucasfilm last fall, but it looks like it’s finally gained some traction.

PHOTO SOURCE: Star Wars Weekends 2011 – Last Day


A Couple of Concept Artists Return for STAR WARS: EPISODE VII


According to the Official Site, prequel concept artists Doug Chiang and Iian McCaig have returned to Lucasfilm for work on future STAR WARS films.

Artists Doug Chiang and Iain McCaig, both instrumental in shaping the look of the STAR WARS saga, reunited at the start of this year as part of the team Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy has assembled to create an exciting new future for STAR WARS…┬áChiang and McCaig join the previously announced team of top filmmaking talent, including J.J. Abrams, Michael Arndt, Lawrence Kasdan and Simon Kinberg, who are shaping the future of STAR WARS.

Team? That sounds a lot like what Drew McWeeney was saying in his piece. I wonder who else is on board who hasn’t been “previously announced?”

“It’s wonderful to be back! It’s been over ten years since I last worked on STAR WARS but my STAR WARS roots have touched nearly every film I’ve designed since. It’s still a bit surreal that I get to work on another one.” says Chiang.

Asked about his work on upcoming STAR WARS movies, McCaig smiles. “I never thought I’d live to see this day. It’s pure magic to have the band back together again.”

SOURCE: StarWars.com






EPISODE VII Rumors Debunked… Plus New Tidbits


There have been some rumors going around the internet today regarding story elements and casting for EPISODE VII. I read them this morning and didn’t post them as right off the bat, they struck me as wishful thinking by an overzealous fan. Now, Drew McWeeney over at Hitfix has a piece debunking the rumors. Continue reading


I’m currently watching the livestream of EA’s presentation at E3 where they just showed a teaser video for a new game simply titled STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT. The video showed a snowy landscape, followed by a snowspeeder crashing and the foot of an AT-AT stomping down. Stay tuned as I’m sure more info will be released in the coming hours…

UPDATE: Here’s the teaser, courtesy of IGN.

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