TFA character updates, including names

Happy New Year! The biggest The Force Awakens news of December was the announcement by Entertainment Weekly of several character names using the style of vintage trading cards: Daisy Ridley’s Rey, John Boyega’s Finn, Oscar Isaac’s Poe Dameron, soccer ball droid’s BB-8, and whoever the heck’s Kylo Ren. Also confirmed is that this “Kylo Ren” is a male, and that the remaining ships and characters we saw are indeed “stormtroopers,” the Millennium Falcon, and so forth. Conspicuously not confirmed is Rey’s surname and parentage (is she a Skywalker/Solo? an Organa, for that matter?), and of course the actor playing the Sith-like character of Kylo Ren (possibly Adam Driver). Finn’s full name is also left out, making me wonder again if his family is also already known to us. Of course, we still have just under a year to go! Here is the page on the official site.

In similar news: There is another new character name reported but no actor or visual to go with it, so this Han Solo picture will do. Captain Phasma is rumored to be played by Gwendoline Christie, who seems likely to play a soldier (and therefore someone with a military title).

Saturday Night Live did a hilarious parody of the TFA teaser, this time focusing on our classic trilogy heroes (link has an embedded Hulu video).

Speaking of which, Mark Hamill did an awesome interview with Yahoo! Movies’s Gwynne Watkins, and not just about Star Wars; he was promoting his voice role in the animated Elf TV special. Hamill sounds grounded and genuine, as usual. Here is commentary by Screencrush.

What does George Lucas think of all this? According to the NY Post, not much. We Star Wars fans tend to have strong opinions about this, so I enjoyed this thoughtful essay about humans and their feelings and stuff.

Lastly, Andy Serkis, who did the voice-over for the teaser, was confirmed on EW to play only one character in TFA. So whoever he is playing is the type of person who knows enough about the Force to do monologues about its dark and light sides, but not confirmed is whether his character is associated with Kylo Ren (or is Kylo Ren, for that matter), or whether he is live action or motion capture (Screencrush suggests the latter because of his obvious skill set). Regarding information and spoilers, I think Serkis is worth quoting here: The secrecy is not about wanting to withhold from fans, “it’s about not wanting to spoil anything for anyone. The expectation is massive, and nobody wants to ruin it in any way. I think that’s right. No one wants to, by saying the wrong thing or being misleading, you don’t want to dilute it.”

Personally, I care a lot more about how an actor plays a character, how the story was written, and how the crew worked behind the scenes to make the movie the best it could be, than about getting more “news tidbits.” I recall watching an interview with an actor in a TV series with too many questions like “can you give us any hints about what happens in the next season?!” and nothing like “what problems did you run into when trying to create this character believably?” But in cases like this, until the movie comes out there’s only so much the cast and crew can say.

TFA trailer/teaser posted, Internet enjoys it

You can get official news from the official site and twitter feed and see the trailer there or anywhere, so I wanted to wait until a nice amount of commentary showed up on the crazy Internet. There will be spoilers (nothing too major, I hope) pictures, GIFS, and embeddings of teasers real and fake, so don’t click that link if you have a slow connection (like me!) or want to avoid spoilers.

Otherwise, plenty follows!

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Title announced, etc.

With principal photography having been finished up in London, the title was announced by Lucasfilm through Twitter and I agree with Screencrush, the best time to do this was just some random day, when I’m at work being busy and I get a breaking news e-mail from the fiancé. The title will here henceforth be known as TFA, or, Texas Faculty Association (you’re welcome — or sorry? — for the two or three strange website hits, Texas).

Here is Screencrush’s report (includes possible plot SPOILERS).

And some more of the usual amusing commentary and news from The Guardian.

Here are some fun rejected titles.

Is the title The Force Awakens as bland as they say? Awesome? Annoying? Not a big deal? My opinion is the same as with the Prequel titles: if the movies end up being bad, surely the titles are the least of our problems? If you didn’t like The Phantom Menace or Attack of the Clones movies, would a different title (and no other change) have made a big difference? Like the title or not, my level of optimism about the movie’s content and how much I will enjoy it has not changed, and I still look forward to it.

Also I’m not sure that this implies, as mentioned in the Guardian, that there will be either Jedi or Sith. Force-users most likely, but there can be kinds other than those two (those of us familiar with ex-canon know about “adepts” such as the witches of Dathomir; maybe there are similar types in the sequels. And you might consider Luke an adept before he became a Jedi. And he ended up being quite a different Jedi than the kind we saw in the Prequel trilogy. And so on.).

What I do have much stronger feelings about is my dashed hope that the title will be Jedi Nights, or, JN, a romance. But there are always the later movies!

Warwick Davis

Suvudu is also claiming that Warwick Davis will be in Episode VII. No telling whom he will play, whether it will be multiple characters, or how minor the roles — the latter two of which he has already done in previous Star Wars — but I’m excited! Keep bringing back the veterans!! More info, and some interesting quotes and thoughts on Ewan McGregor’s (young Obi-Wan) and Joel Edgerton’s (young Uncle Owen) roles, past and possible future, in Star Wars right here.

So much concept art

But let Indie Revolver remind us that “this is all “Concept” art. There is no confirmation any of this will actually be in the film and if it is it may not be as pictured.”

Some nice earlier commentary, quotes from Oscar Isaac and Carrie Fisher, Star Wars: Rebels trailers (the show premiered October 13), and other miscellany over at ScreenCrush’s WookieeLeaks. Speaking of spoiling, I enjoyed reading this discussion on the theory and practice of spoilage (plus some spoilers for good measure), that brings up important points for those serious about reading all Star Wars news and rumors.

A few of the loveliest pics after the jump, or click the links if you want to see EVERYTHING.

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